Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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The path to reconcilement is sharp and curvy, but if you walk it through with a veil over your eyes, it becomes harder, and nearly impossible to cross. Don't put any more obstacles on your path and clear the fog away through willpower, humility and generosity.

The key to heal wounded relationships is to admit to your mistakes and take steps for the other person to see your efforts, while avoiding complaints and offering an understanding point of view. Only then will you find peace for your soul and favour a positive current of energy to sort out the conflict.

Today you should work on your best looks to improve your self-esteem and tread strong steps. That'll boost your positive, overwhelming victorious side, and will help you face adversity with excitement, energy and optimism.


Keeping company in whatever you want to do today could end up becoming a source of conflict if you can't understand differences and take a humbler stance.

Resentment and rivalry could lead you down the path of contradiction, and that could blow up at any given time. Thinking that your way to do things is the best doesn't conflict with taking different points of view into consideration or accepting them.

All opinions can make your perspective wider and richer. Think it through and don't let arrogance turn such a potential-ridden day at work into a day full of blockage ruined by your stubbornness.


In order to settle down with good habits that influence your health positively and improve it, you need to be mentally disciplined and strong. Challenge all incoming temptations today, and always remember that every action has a consequence.

Controlling your emotions and instincts will give you short and long-term benefits. Giving priority to pleasure and short-term satisfaction is the best way to throw out the window all the work you've done so far, and to make your health worse because of the consequences.

Today, the stars predict that you'll have lots of energy and wellness, as much as you need to make them extra strength to fight back anxiety and temptation.