Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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How can you be yourselves without letting other people down? That's the contradiction that will rule your day. You need to get some common sense and willpower going to be true to yourselves.

Always trying to fulfill the needs of others, or always trying to be what others expect you to, is quite complicated and just keeps driving you away further and further from personal satisfaction. You can't mistake its opposite for selfishness: being true to your principles despite running the risk of disappointing others is courage at its best.

Courage and your very own personality. Because, first and foremost, you need to keep your principles and boundaries clear, and try not to cross them. If you stay firm value-wise, no one will be able to throw anything back at you.


The fact that star-based connections aren't making alliances to offer you good luck and a prosper life is no excuse to give in to pessimism and passiveness. Quite the opposite, you're positive and decisive, Sagittariuses! You can't give up now. Just take things as they come and face them as the challenges that they are.

You can change the trend with your attitude, it's all up to you.

And if you're not happy about your job, remember how important it is for your current context to have a job to pay the bills. Feel proud of being a hard-working employee who can fight for a better life every single day. Use that strength to move on and make progress.

It's no time to try out for rushed changes to happen, centaurs. Think it through and be conservative.


The stars point out that there's some negative vibrations around your home which make you defenceless and vulnerable, easily subject to pessimism. Try some useful home remedies to cleanse bad vibrations from your home.

Burning some herbs such as sage or rue, and using garlic or sea salt, are highly efficient remedies to send away any negative energies that bring your day to a constant standstill. Cleansing your aura by having a salts and lemon bath can be a great way to complete the purification process.

When you get rid of all negative energies around you, it'll be time to boost your mind and activate your optimism for life to face your day.