Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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Warm hugs are the perfect shelter for a day full of reflection and emotions running high. Trying to survive stark emotions which make everything go off balance, and trying to do that through reasoning and common sense, reeks of failure.

Why not start by admitting to your true sensitive soul and assuming that you have super emotional days every now and then?

Finding comfort in cuddling and hugging, and making such a romantic and intimate connection with someone else is a gift of life you shouldn't despise. Try to live following your heart's desires and forget about duties.


It's always good to follow the old adage: before you claim something as yours, stay cautious and avoid any sense of enjoyment or euphoria until it becomes truly yours. Celebrating too early is a bad omen, and it could leave you in shock today.

Be cautious and try to have everything sorted out before you're too overjoyed about something related to your business and their handling. At work, you should try to go by unnoticed: silent success is usually more efficient than noisy failure.

The satisfaction and happiness from an achievement should not be hidden away, but if you follow common sense, you'll find that success tastes so much better when it's all tied up with no way out.


Today you need to be more disciplined when reading your body's signs, Sagittarius: your body's position and the way you move are giving you intel on your health.

You need to improve your sitting position when you're doing work: if you spend long hours in front of a computer or sitting at a desk, try to keep your back upright. Keeping a straight position trying not to slouch or arch your back will definitely improve that neck pain of yours.

Being in constant movement should also go hand in hand with remembering certain cautionary measures and avoiding joint, muscle or bone pain, and certain types of accidents. Be cautious at all times.