Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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Physical and mental exhaustion could lead to feeling extra cranky: that is, a foul mood, arguments and arrogance. Besides, your energy fields are getting bigger, and that means there's more vitality, more drive and the risk of going too far about the things you do.

Caution and measure shouldn't mean giving up, Sagittariuses; instead, they should imply you're optimising your personal resources and energy fluxes. Use them in your favour.

Narrowing your social relationships to the circle of your closest friends, workmates and relatives could bring you some extra rewards. Trying to let energy overflow into the unknown could bring a lack of control and a sense of drama.


Taking great risks in managing your finances can have a happy ending, especially if you surround yourselves with good advisors and trustworthy mates. But you might be left feeling really weak from exhaustion before you can face other areas in your business.

It's time to choose. Do you want to keep that pace up, or would you rather keep what you've got and improve your lifestyle?

Ambition will be highly rewarded in the case of Sagittariuses who want to empty their bodies out, so you need to be aware that success and riches only come after much sacrifice.

Staying the way you are and giving priority to health and free time is a conservative choice that could give you good long-term results. In the end, you've got the final word on this.


The excess energy offered by Mars today could lead you to feel too driven and active, but you can make it positive if you know how to properly control your energy.

However, your main priority should be keeping an eye on your body care and keeping up healthy habits, and avoiding temptation and addiction as much as you can.

It'll also be a draining day for you, because your body's dynamics and the long list of duties for the day will make your body work extra hard. You need to try and boost your diet with heavy doses of vitamins and minerals, and a proper hydration.