Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



With Cancer's influence over Sagittarius and the start of the new lunar cycle, you're entering a stage of potential and radical emotions you need to control to avoid breaking balance and harmony.

But watch out, Sagittariuses: what might seem like an advantage could easily slip into excess. Boost your caution.

The power of love is answering your call to soften that tendency to get too driven. Find shelter in your lover's nest to give that extreme sensitivity an outlet, or find the magic of warm hugs and gentle strokes in a close friend or relative.

Don't be afraid to get cheesy: make some room for expressions of love.


Your road to success today will depend on your ability to use whatever chances come your way. It's been long since the planets came together to give you that source of power and good luck; you might have lost all hope.

That's why you need to wake up and get back your excitement, self-confidence and luck. It'll only work if you pay attention and stay ready for action when taking chances.

If you've been through a rut of bad luck and unmet needs, the change will be sudden and hard to deal with, but now you need confidence and ambition. Your challenge is to bring your mindset out of defeat and into optimism.

Awakening that limitless, risk-taking, impulsive side of you will be a way to make good things happen.


Stomach issues and plenty of energy will be what sets the type of day you'll have.

Whatever stomach issue you're having needs to be checked up by your doctor if it's something coming from your deepest core. To make the pain go away faster you can try raw potato tea or dandelion tea; they're two efficient remedies that will help you ease the pain.

A spoonful of apple vinegar dissolved in water as soon as you wake up will help you boost up your stomach protection care and cut off your pain.

Energy will help you keep your body and optimism up and alive. If you stay active, you'll work your way through with happiness. Balance and harmony will depend on your ability to be moderate.