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Sagittarius Prediction for 1 October

Your Horoscope for Monday
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This Monday, October 1st, will be a day for sadness, a strange sense of melancholy that will take over your Sagittarian soul, forcing you to overcome yourselves at all times. The only medicine to fight back nostalgia is the ability to overcome adversity with a high dose of optimism.

You've got more than enough of that, of course. Only Sagittariuses could turn around such a grey day, but sometimes, it's too big a task for one person even for centaurs. Today you need to go with your social side and avoid loneliness. Only if you're well surrounded you'll be able to become happy again.

The only reason that could bring a smile to your face is to look around and reconnect with the many treasures you have in the form of family and friends. That environment is priceless, and in days like today, you need to find support in them and to keep taking care of them.


Work will be your strongest feat today. Because your mood's a little low and your health is pretty weak, your finances will turn your day around and make it positive. But you won't be satisfied enough.

Your managers will congratulate you for your good behaviour, your efforts and your good work, but neither today or your increased income into your bank account will be reasons to be satisfied.

In other news, it's a good time to boost your creativity. Only through being free will you find the productive genius that makes you true Sagittariuses.


The fact that your body isn't at its best strength-wise and that you neglect some things like sleeping with proper covers, makes you get cold and wake up with a bit of a cough. Your body will grow even weaker and you'll feel ill.

You start the day feeling kind of blue because you're not okay, and the only way to end it is to be more methodical about those small things now that your body's kind of weak. Protect yourselves from the cold and temperature changes, and eat a little better.

Besides, the vitality and regeneration capacity of Sagittarian cells have gone down a bit, so rehab and recovery processes could go slower. You'll need even more optimism and a great deal of patience.

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