Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Sagittariuses, today you should avoid unbridled passions and emotions in love, and set a cool head and a sense of calmness as your main priorities. It won't be easy at all, because the forces from the universe are encouraging you to do the exact opposite. However, unleashing your instincts could bring some serious trouble.

And the worst thing is, you're running the risk of hurting someone who doesn't deserve to be in pain. So if you don't do this for yourselves, do it for them. Think with a cool mind and act accordingly. In the long run, you'll find it's much more positive for you, and it offers unparalleled stability.

Sagittariuses, you will be prone to emotional ups and downs and the distortion of certain feelings, with a slight tendency to irritability and crying. At some point, it'll be impossible for you to control that emotional tornado.

But all in all, you also need to accept that tension and passion are innately present in you.


The day will go by with a few scares that still compromise your financial stability, although there won't be any immediate or obvious consequences this time. You can breathe and feel at ease, Sagittariuses: under a general scope, your finances won't go neither better nor worse.

The way things are now, that's a good situation. It means that your expense hold-back plan is working better than well, and you're managing to stop the losses that threatened to break your bank. Today you need to stay on that track and keep a cool head.

Now it's time to think about stability and prioritise your savings. Don't make reckless mistakes or let yourselves go with bad advice. Your situation's risky, but it's definitely nowhere near critical, and now isn't the time to think about crazy investments.


Right now you need to think about your health and get down to work to give your body the care it deserves. In order to do that you need time, devotion and lots of discipline. You need to start by watching your diet more closely to make sure your body isn't missing out on any essential nutrients.

A full-on medical is more necessary than ever before. Even if you aren't a big fan of going to the doctor, it's time to have a general check-up to rule out any possible health issues.