Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today, a few threats will be compromising your natural inner optimism. Don't let anyone ruin your day, and respond with optimism and a good, light mood.

If you manage to stay away from foul influences and block off the path of bad vibrations, you'll be able to compile enough strength to face a much needed process of revision and renewal.

You need to look behind and revisit some issues from your past for which you couldn't find a final, satisfying solution. If you revise these past issues and analyse their resolution, you'll be able to settle down better and start a process of change from today.

Your day could be very productive if you let your instinct and emotions guide you.


The stars are bringing you some extra reflection and calmness that could mean a very important participation role at work. Today, on a day where nerves and arguments are the norm, you could help to bring peace into troublesome situations and to show yourselves as important accessories to professional relationships.

Show your peacemaking and reconcilement skills and you'll give your managers quite the pretty picture.

You should also use today to promote collective work and appreciate your colleagues more.


Good news, Sagittariuses. The influence of the Sun over your ruling planet will be an important element to make you start controlling your health and giving up on bad habits in order to feel better.

If you were thinking about taking up a weight loss journey or quitting smoking, now's the time. The strength of your ruling planet and the Sun's influence get you on the right track and give you all the strength you need to face such a major challenge.

Besides, this planetary scenario gives you much more creativity and inventiveness when developing ideas that could improve your health. It's also the perfect time to explore new therapies in the field of alternative medical treatments, always as an attempt to make you feel better and healthier.

Today, stress will gradually lower down as good vibrations and comfort go up.