Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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Today you'll have to double your efforts to make everything around you stay in place, because the current planet arrangement makes everything a little more clogged for you when trying to make positive vibrations and communication flow around smoothly.

This doesn't mean, of course, that you can't have a good day. Today could be a great day, Sagittariuses, but challenges will be more threatening than usual and you'll have to try harder to make the day end on a high note.

If there's any zodiac sign ready for the challenge, that's you. Trust your possibilities, Sagittariuses, bring out your optimistic and communicative side, outshine others with your charisma, and give up on arguments and anything that takes you down the path of negativity.


You could easily fall victim to a state of defeat and apathy at work, and as a consequence, you'll try to vilify your colleagues thinking that your failure will go by unnoticed if you bring other people's work to the ground. Big mistake.

A truly intelligent, thought-out strategy which could bring you out of trouble is to work with your colleagues to bring tasks forward into completion. If you're self-employed, try to get surrounded by trustworthy people who can bring you real support in times of hardship such as these.

For job-hunting Sagittariuses, today isn't your lucky day, but you must bring your whole being into the search, and if you can, don't just stand around doing nothing. Working at whatever job you can get, no matter where it is, or doing your favourite activities, will make your mood stand high and light.


Sagittariuses who get the results of a medical check-up today will bring a high point to the day: you're perfectly fine, and after many weeks of ailments, you feel better than ever. You finally found the break you were looking for, and that can improve your mood.

You'll get the news as a final push to bring your health into stability, and to double the efforts to make it even better. Keep up the good habits that brought you this far and avoid excess.