Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



This Saturday you'll have a rocky love life, and a full range of emotions which you'll have to coldly and cautiously rearrange into order.

You'll feel mixed, contradictory emotions, as if there was a fierce fight inside you of love against hate, construction against destruction, bliss against despair, vitality against apathy.

Still, today you're alone in battle when getting these contradictions sorted out. The stars' arrangement predicts there's emotional blockage which stops positive vibrations from coming to help you.

That's why it's time to show how mature you are and bring out the best in your Sagittarian personality. If you know how to optimise your qualities, it could be quite the enriching learning process.


Your focus has moved to other areas outside of finances, and that's slowly but surely making you enter a stage of minor recession where you'll suffer small but constant losses.

It might be time to get this situation sorted out and devote some extra time to your finances. Try to bring out your inventiveness to find solutions, especially if you want to increase your income. That would balance out your finances and give you an important boost.

You can look for side jobs that help you increase your personal finances. No matter how small they are, they'll be quite an important addition to these times of uncertainty.

In other news, try to make your job position steadier and stronger by being more disciplined and having more character. Trying a little harder at what you do will be properly rewarded in the end.


Controlling your impulses this weekend will help you to bring balance into your spirits and to feel better about yourselves. Also, it'll be a powerful antistress therapy that'll make your body relax and settle your thoughts.

In order to do that, you need to find an isolated, deserted area, in the middle of nature if you can, to devote some time to meditation and connection to yourselves.

Reject all addictions, bad habits and challenging situations. Get away from trouble. This is no easy month, but you can get over it if you do your best.