Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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Today, love will be the saviour of grief-stricken Sagittariuses. Despite being on a rut, you're not giving up and keep looking for the silver lining of life. Go ahead, centaurs! Today you'll find that life is wonderful because it can change with a simple gesture.

Single Sagittariuses, you're in luck: your attraction and self-confidence will bring you rewards. Just pay attention to the signs and take whatever chances you get. A wonderful person might be waiting for you to discover them, and they'll bring you the love you deserve.

If you're Sagittariuses in a long-term relationship, stop acting tough and let yourselves be loved. Love is the ultimate healing power for headaches, melancholy, sadness and despair. Much stronger than any other antidepressants out there.


If you withdraw your strength and avoid letting instinct be your guide today, you'll be able to give more time to reflect on the goals you want to set for yourselves, how far you're willing to go, and how to do it. Planning and organising is a good strategy for you to tread on a pleasant path.

Break free from the anxiety induced by upsetting events: it's quite a common feeling when talking about business and finances. You need to focus on your duties and responsibility. Try to feed and nourish your dreams, and give them a planned, thought-out response.

If you trust yourselves more, you'll get more chances to do everything, but you need to break free from the grip of the mental quicksand you're in. Pessimism and bad vibrations aren't the best companions you could get.


Your body needs activity today. Go running, do some stretches, walk around, do some exercise alone or with friends. But start moving! Being inactive is counterproductive for your mood, Sagittariuses.

Today, you should keep an active social life, much more than usual, because you'll find nutrition in your relationships with others and the vibrations coming from them, in order to feel more cheerful.