Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today's the right time to set things straight with your loved ones and the people with whom you're not on a good level right now.

You need to be optimistic and show your best selves; the devoted, fun, nice, loving Sagittariuses that you are. Only from a position of love and respect, humility and affection, will you manage to turn things around.

Get out of your bitter, proud shell that doesn't really fit you. It's time to get your attractive personality back.


You're in a sticky situation for sure, Sagittariuses. But the worst thing isn't that you lost money, or you're just watching your finances go worse. What's most serious is that you lost your sense of confidence and your skills for business.

You can't back down now, Sagittariuses. Drive and courage were your tools to take you to prosperity and success, and as much as you're having a rut right now, becoming fearful, introverted individuals will only make you lose even more of what you've already lost.

It's time to get firm, Sagittariuses, to stand proud and defend your positions. If you don't fall back, if you get everything straight and bring back the aggressive spirit that's helped you go so far in the business world, you'll soon get the beacon of hopeful light you need so much. Meanwhile, fight on!


Don't set unreachable goals, and don't try to stay around environments that bring nothing of value into your life. And of course, you shouldn't stay with people who only make your life more complicated and miserable. All these are elements that make your nervousness and anxiety worse.

Your hands and feet will be sort of weak for you today, Sagittariuses. Try to keep them well-moisturised, and if you work with them, protect them well, because you might get a cut, sprain or injury.

Instead, it'll be a particularly good day for your head and stomach. If you had been suffering discomfort around these areas in your body, don't worry, because they're almost done. Your mind will be quite clear, so use this chance.