Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



This Thursday you've got some unusual surprises ahead, which will bring you your excitement back after a few days of feeling blue. In order to use the positive moments that the day can bring to your full advantage, you need to stay hopeful and believe from the deepest of your heart.

You need to go back to your excited, confident spirit that's always paired up well with your optimistic, lively personality. You need to start bringing back those feelings to rebuild a unique, privileged personality. You should especially swap pessimism for activity.

Going back to an active social life is a great need that you'll have to fulfill today. Among those unusual yet pleasant surprises, you'll receive some good news from one of your loved ones. That could be the start of a rebuilding process for certain broken ties.


Your finances are slowly getting more and more stable, and that's great news after the recession process you've gone through. But there's some unexpected expenses that will force you to pay more attention than ever and to act quickly and efficiently.

It won't be too bad an idea to ask an administrator or advisor for help, in order to find out how to face those complex finances. But generally, that won't affect your financial track.

Right now, you have to be patient and confident. After the difficulties you've had to face, you're prone to have a sinking feeling and think of the worst, so you need to make some extra effort to stay strong and try to face upcoming obstacles with patience and calmness.


Your body's wellness will imply that you have to stop the hustle of your daily duties today. Whether you're at work, or helping around at home, you need to find a moment to stop, go out and take a breath. That'll help you bring oxygen into your body and soothe your nerves.

Sagittariuses, the health of your heart is going through some tough times, so you might feel there's issues coming up from that, such as sudden ups and downs in your blood pressure, or your heart starting to race.

That's why bringing oxygen into your body and getting your nerves and stress out will be the best solution to such an issue.