Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Being realistic doesn't mean you can't dream, and being ambitious doesn't clash with respecting others. Living life on the limit shouldn't be an obstacle against caution, and passionate romance shouldn't go against being faithful.

Set all these ideas in order, Sagittariuses, and you'll definitely bring out valuable conclusions to improve your behaviour. Try to be happy without stepping over others, and be humble to reach for the stars.

If you manage to cleanse your spirits from bad actions and foul thoughts today, you'll have a perfect day to yourselves and you'll enjoy bliss with your loved ones.


The quicker you want to start carrying out your work, the more mistakes you'll make, and that'll force you to start over, waste more time and get more nervous. As hard as it seems, you need to use a cool mind and take it one step at a time; avoid rushing and focus all your energy into what you're doing.

If you take this challenge of calming down and making your work more harmonious, your day will be full of advantages. When the day is done, you'll feel really proud, and you'll face your weekend with optimism and the will to rest and enjoy your time off.

Today your managers or some workmates will give you extra work to do. Getting extra work is a good sign, but it also forces you to get organised and plan your day better.


Take all the cautionary measures you need to experience the weekend by living every moment intensely. Your health is perfect for now, because all your issues have slowly but surely started getting sorted out, and your mood is just getting better.

But the slightest slip could bring you back into the path of weakness, illness and depression. Don't let that happen. Just have a healthy diet and boost it up with as many vitamins as you need. Keep your body properly hydrated, especially more so if you do exercise.

You need new exciting projects to bring your passions up, new hopes to make you dream. Spirits feed themselves on these hopes, Sagittariuses, especially yours. And that will bring you advantages, because it makes you balance out your mood and body health.