Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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You have crucial support from someone close to you, but at the same time it's becoming an increasingly large internal conflict. Mistaking feelings with a friend is something very common, you just have to take it in as normal.

There's a very fine line between friendship and love, and in your case it's blurring out and making you feel very passionately about that person. Let time clear off your feelings, but don't blame yourselves for it.


Part of your income is taking long to come around and that'll make you more nervous than usual. What's worrying you is, to face some of your payments you'll have to use your savings, and that threatens to break the balance in your account, which was intact and almost sacred up to this point.

Still, the stars predict there's a short to medium-term recovery that should make you give priority to get rid of debts. You should pay everything you need to first, even if it means touching your savings, and later on, bring the money back to return to your previous balance.

You've got calm days ahead at work which you can use to relax a little bit. Without being too passive, that calmness might give you some room to work more comfortably and improve some of your results. You'll feel quite satisfied.


Your arguments and concerns might take you to an unnecessary and dangerous state of alarm today, thus creating minor anxiety crises, tremors and exaggerate reactions. At the end of the day, you might even fall prey to a depressive state from which it'll be hard to recover.

You might want to aim for self-control. Taking the reins of your emotions and psychology is both essential and complex. In order to do it, you need some calm and peace. Stop your chores for a minute, be aware of yourselves and repeat some words that'll help you get calm and collected.

Meditation and relaxation with very simple exercises you can do when you're calm and alone will help you lots to boost the process of finding yourselves. Otherwise, if you let yourselves go with the inertia of what's going on around you, nervousness will eat you alive.