Sagittarius Daily Prediction for 20 October

Saturday's Sagittarius Forecast
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- Money
- Health


Today you'll feel attracted by someone whom you haven't known for long, and that will ignite a spark inside you that could make you revive and feel happy after a long while. When magic shows up, it offers precious moments that we need to seize to the fullest.

So wear your best, Sagittariuses, and boost your seduction skills. You're really good at flirting, and you need to take this chance to take better care of your external image and boost your self-esteem. Remember that you must do that in order for others to like you.

Don't get obsessed about the result. If you just let go, everything will be alright, because when you feel confident and enjoy something you can do anything, centaurs, and you'll get where you want.


Your ambition is your best ally today, Sagittariuses, to carry out whatever you plan on doing in your free time. Do you want to get your bank accounts straight? Would you like to make some progress in an independent project? Do you want to get things fixed around the house?

Don't think twice, today's the day you can turn free time into work time. Your skills are better developed thanks to the planets' influence, and that will help you to boost certain processes. When you're done, you'll also feel fulfilled and that's good for your mood.

On the other hand, avoid murky or risky businesses, and any other task that wastes your time. It's time to broaden your horizons and find fruitful opportunities.


Your love of an active life, your desire to live well (including gluttony) and other kinds of excess that make you have a more intense daily life need to imply that you'll care for your health even better.

Today you'll have some minor pain because of this rough life. Try to soothe its effects with natural remedies and lots of positivity, to avoid anyone from ruining your day.

But going beyond that, be aware of your need to take better care of your body, because it's the machinery that allows you to do what you need and want.