Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Sagittariuses, if you're romantic, you will get a chance today to bring delicate moments into their life, and decorate every minute with passionate experiences, and with that special person by your side.

You need to live every second as if it were your last, and make your day a shining oasis of love and happiness where you and your significant other feel unique and eternal. The planets will transit all around you to protect your magic unit from the influence of foul vibrations.

Singles will live an intense day today, but not exactly with a romantic aura. Single Sagittariuses, you'll feel the opening of a magnetic field that will influence the attraction of interesting individuals, but you'll jump from one lover to another without really making a final choice.


Bonds will flow in a very productive and even perhaps natural way in your life, Sagittariuses. You can use that circumstance at work too, because you've been feeling lonely and anxious as of lately. Bringing efforts together could be your salvation.

It won't be bad if you have an ally financially, although you need to be wise and make the right choice of your business partner. When it comes to money, friendship is taken to the back, so make a financially-based analysis of your prospective partner's profile.

On the other hand, Sagittariuses, don't forget that human relationships should prevail over making money: today you have the chance of being generous with your loved ones.


Your day will go by with much excitement and expectation, and that won't be the right environment for blue moods or physical ailments to come around. Any minor pain or critical moment when you think you're sinking down, that's when you need to bring out your stronger side, the fighting, victorious Sagittariuses that you are.

Today will be a unique, special day for you to boost your energy field through bonding with your partner. The passion and vitality they can bring you today will obviously influence your mood, but also your body: love is a unique, natural remedy!

Laughter and fun will bring back the vitality you've been missing out on as of lately.