Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Going deep into spirituality and esotericism could be the way out of your existential anguish, and the way to feed your soul with the answers it desperately needs. Magic can be your companion today if you open up your heart and clear your mind.

Love is another strong candidate to be your companion, but more in the sense of delicate love and friendship, instead of following the path of stronger passions and romantic love. Openness, depth and honesty need to be your pillars of strength today.

If you let in magic and love into the ruins of your inner selves and work on them with honesty and willpower as your guides, the forces of the universe will sweep you up and fly you to a new, exciting and passionate paradise.


Any exchange you carry out today will work in your best interest, Sagittariuses; keep that in mind and extract as many advantages as you can from this situation. Commerce and business will be your tools to succeed, especially more so if you can look your best when selling in person.

Show your social skills to get a good deal, and close it off with your natural drive and optimism. If you leave home ready to take on the world, Sagittariuses, you could do seriously important things today.

But watch out: someone at work will want to get you in trouble, and you need to stay alert against any external influence which threatens to ruin your successful day, no matter if it's shrouded in good intentions. If you have trouble at work, you should just go ahead and tell the managers about it.


Your body is definitely entering a collapsing state because of an excessive exposure to medications. You can't just take pills for every single issue you're going through, no matter how minor the discomfort is, especially without your doctor's prescription!

Get rid of that routine. Do you know marshmallow, Sagittariuses? It's an old-age plant with a great range of healthy benefits, and what's best about it is, there's no danger of poisoning or contraindications about it!

You can have marshmallow in teas or wraps, and it does wonders for pain, bloating, it boosts your memory, prevents and attacks coughs, bronchitis and asthma, heals stomach issues and kills off kidney infections.