Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



One of the secrets to success in the seduction game is to avoid thinking that you're over all good and evil; remember that you're vulnerable. Now that you know that, adapt to changes than can come up in any situation.

When two personalities are getting to know one another, there's incompatibilities that can come up, and the key to reach a satisfying ending is to overcome adversity so that compatibility wins in the end. To make a long story short, this is in order to make both personalities compatible.

And that's what's going on with you, Sagittariuses; although the stage has changed and there's been incompatibility issues, you're still using the same attitude.

Here's some advice, Sagittariuses: change your strategy as soon as possible and show another side of you. You'll definitely win after that!


The stars predict that your profits will exponentially grow after a long while, but at the same time you need to protect your property more strongly, because it could be exposed at the mercy of external dangers you should keep in mind.

Enjoying your time after some hard, anxious days has to be paired up with not letting your guard down and devoting some time today to set your numbers straight again, and to think how you can protect certain assets against external elements.

At work, someone's threatening your safety, and you need to defend your work with all your might. Proving how important you are won't be too hard, Sagittariuses, but it will be tough to justify certain attitudes that could harm your performance. Double your efforts to be more disciplined and serious about your work.


Your day can go by with certain digestive issues, because, although they're not serious, they could make you stop moving for most of your day. It'd be quite appropriate if you started being more disciplined about your diet, and you need to watch what you eat.

On the other hand, you need to remember to take better care of your heart. Making sure your heart is getting enough Omega3 will help it work more smoothly. And of course, lowering your stress and nerves levels is essential to avoid scares.

Your day will go by with a minor scare or two. Your challenge is to face them confidently.