Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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If you want to get closer to happiness today, you will have to stop being so tough and hard on yourself. This is leading you down a path of frustration and low self-esteem. You need to love yourselves harder, Sagittariuses, and that starts with remembering that life is a little more fun.

Life's an exciting adventure where we sometimes go wrong. But sometimes, we're okay, and other times we get wonderful lucky breaks.

Try to find out how to improve your life, but always keep in mind that you're just human, you have the right to go wrong, and the most important thing is to keep trying.


From time to time you need to give your mistakes a little more room, and to stop considering work and money the most important things in your life. Everything has a perspective to it, Sagittariuses: learn to appreciate what's essential, which is also what's usually best concealed.

Today you need to find a treasure chest, but it isn't full of money and won't give you any immediate satisfaction, like those compulsive purchases do. Today you need to swap shopping for personal achievement.

In order to do that, you have to find hidden talents and potential which live in your deepest corner, and maybe you don't know them or you've just neglected them. Finding use for your creativity will help you feel fulfilled, to find a new side to your personality.


Releasing positive feelings and ignoring negative trends will help you progress on the track of retreat, introspection and asceticism. It's time to give up daily stress, the hustle of city life, a dull routine, frustration, pain and sadness.

Pain is optional, Sagittariuses. Happiness is within your grasp. And your mind as well.

But you need to be dedicated and give it time. Step into the world of meditation to find the answers you need within yourselves.

If you find a natural and appropriate environment with time and peace, you can do some breathing and relaxation exercises, and make images, memories and thoughts flow freely across your mind until they make it blank.

Fill that void with your dreams and wishes, and fill your soul with a sense of plenitude, and your spirit with calmness.