Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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Your concept of everlasting love is wrong, Sagittariuses: there's no obligation sense to it. If you look at it that way, you're just getting closer and closer to misery.

Today, have some time to reflect and think whether you really want to stay with that person. Make a final, brave decision according to whatever conclusions you extract.

On the other hand, the stars set you on alert mode: during today, some foul intentions from outsiders will threaten your physical integrity. Watch out! Protect your interests and those of your loved ones, and try to stay away from ill-meaning individuals.


Relationships with your managers have tensed to the extreme, and today you'll experience abuse situations that you can't let happen. It's okay to keep a low profile and try to go by unnoticed, but you've worked hard these last weeks and you've earned enough respect as to raise your voice when you think something unfair is going on.

Present your complaints in a calm, confident way, and try to defend your positions with logical statements. If you manage to make the most of your job and present things clearly and respectfully, you'll always be right.

On the other hand, don't forget to help around your workmates whenever they need you to. It's just one more step to rekindle with your true personality.



Today, Sagittariuses, you'll be sort of clumsy and forgetful, and with some troublesome consequences. As casual as you think it is, you're on an absent-minded period which, in the most serious cases and for our Sagittarius elder friends, could turn into a loss of your mental faculties.

Memory loss is more usual than you think, and there's good remedies out there.

Memory needs to be worked on constantly; that's why you need to use mnemonic exercises: find quick, easy word associations to speed up your mental processes. Solving crosswords, logic problems, doing sudoku puzzles or reading on a daily basis are good forms of brain training.

Besides, rest and sleep are the CPU of the day's knowledge. That's why keeping a sleep routine and resting well and enough will help you correct that sense of absentmindedness.