Sagittarius Forecast for October 27

Prediction for Saturday
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You need to recognise yourselves and awaken your awareness, Sagittariuses: become the owners of the here and now. All that the past does is bring your ambitions to a standstill, and a permanent life in an ethereal future is too absorbent of your energies.

You need to fill your present life with sense, to own it. You need to start with your own selves and recognise your presence as a permanently active and positive transformational being. An energy field in constant action which you need to admit to in order to rearrange it appropriately.

If you focus on specific goals, give up material ambitions and set all your might to work on clearing obstacles off your path and releasing your life from heavy chains of the past, you'll manage to master the present and yourselves.


Productive finances have come to a halt. You can use this as a chance to lower down tension and stop obsessing about your material profits. Today's a day to know yourselves and find new potential.

If you devote yourselves to the activities that make you feel the most fulfilled, you'll find new talents and skills that you can slowly reshape to create a new, more complete and more competitive professional profile.

It's time to be reborn, Sagittariuses, and to take up new projects where you can see yourselves as skilled, capable individuals with new virtues you didn't really know about.


You always use traditional medical methods with serious health issues, but alternative therapies could help you improve your physical and mental status now that your body's healthy. It's the perfect addition to your health, and something to take into consideration.

You're at a perfect stage, because despite experiencing some discomfort in your digestive and cardiovascular system, your body's doing great and you've reached an amazing spiritual wellness.

It's time to delve into that cosmic evolution with some therapies that could do wonders for you. Right now, your best bet is a Reiki session. Reiki is a method used to transfer and redirect chakra vibrations.

An expert will boost your energy field by applying hand pressure on your body in a relaxed environment. It won't be the ultimate solution to your issues, Sagittariuses, but definitely the perfect companion for your spiritual improvement.