Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



You're used to thinking that everyone follows the same value scale as you do, so you end up being the prey of disappointment and frustration. Betrayal is even more painful when it comes from someone you know, and today you'll be served that dish cold and from the back, where it hurts the most.

What can you do? Focus on yourselves and find shelter on the space of people who are faithful to you. That's your world, Sagittariuses: getting out of that comfort zone will make you feel nothing but uncertainty.

Ignorance will be the best answer to that betrayal. Life is the path we choose with our right or wrong choices. The people beside us are of our choice only. Choose the kind souls that help you tread that path every day, and banish foul individuals.


The path to find a part of you that you didn't know enters a creative stage today. It's quite surprising to find new activities that not only fulfill you and make you feel at ease, but you're also quite good at them and they help you improve your self-esteem.

Exploit the paths you don't know. They're not an abyss to make you feel insecure, they're a passionate space full of ambition and freedom, and promote personal fulfillment to move around your mind and body through the drive boosted by excitement.

Your dreams are the allotted space for your skills: anything you can create is what you dare to dream. If you follow the opposite path, you run the risk of crashing into frustration.


If you feel tired or exhausted physically and mentally, you need to follow alternative therapies instead of chasing after chemicals that will only make things worse. Find harmony in relaxation, it's the ultimate healing agent for your brain and muscles.

When you manage to reach the point of relaxation and meditation, you'll come to a state of pleasure and wellness that's hard to parallel with anything else. You started on this track days ago and now it's time to make it more solid. Use your free time today to stay in that world.

If you haven't taken any final steps yet, the stars will offer you an oasis of peace to take the plunge.