Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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This Wednesday, Sagittariuses, will be quite a dangerous day for you if you're in a steady relationship, because temptation will call upon your door and social networks can be fiendish. It's highly advisable that you're cautious and hold back against the temptation of passionate texting.

The stars predict there's conflict brewing in your relationship because of your lies, so you need to choose whether to live life playing that game, or making things clear and making a decision.

You might feel like passion with your partner is over, and that it's best to finish things off. In fact it isn't the best choice, but it's the easiest one. What's hard is to stay in a relationship that's much more worth the ride than what you might get from a few hours of passion with other people, and it's even harder to make an effort to get the spark back.


The amount of money you need to set some of your ideas into motion is sort of holding you back. That means that, with the current predictions for October, you should keep that money saved up for emergencies.

Still, you shouldn't rule out those projects entirely. At a short and long term, they might give you great results and make that initial investment more than profitable. Don't give up and stay firm on your convictions, while waiting for a better financial situation to come around.

Your boss' mood will be sort of altered at work today, so you should just work hard, be efficient, and not stand out a lot. Working unnoticed will be your smartest choice. Present yourselves as disciplined, obedient employees.


Your cough will be a living nightmare for most of your day, but it's a logical component in the recovery after a respiratory tract infection. Your body's bringing out the mucus, and that's good.

Try to look active from first thing in the morning. Stay completely focused at work, especially if you're doing manual labour, and at the end of the day, take the break you deserve.

You need to rest your feet and legs,because they've been working too much this week.