Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The arrangement of the planets warns that this Tuesday will be all about doubts and indecisiveness. On the verge of important decisions, the world cracks open under your feet in the form of a great abyss creating a feeling of fear and insecurity.

What causes this feeling to arise is elongating the decision-making process too much. You put off decisions in certain areas of your life that only make agony longer, keeping your life on a constant state of anxiety and dissatisfaction.

The stars encourage you to stay brave and firm: it's time to rebuild your confidence and self-belief, to promote the creation of a more confident, decisive personality.

In order to do that, you'll have to start boosting your own personality and to listen less to what others may say. Keep the good advice that helps you move on, and rule out destructive criticism, taboo or prejudice that stop you from progressing with certain decisions.


A highly inspiring individual will cross paths with you. They'll give you good advice and, if you can take in all their lessons, they'll show you the way to be more professionally and financially successful.

Sometimes we focus so much on ourselves, we block off the path of learning. In your case, Sagittariuses, this is no arrogant matter. You'd just forgotten that we can constantly learn many good things from others.

Decision making today will require you to be brave and responsible. The opposing side of passiveness is a guarantee to permanent failure.


Your great challenge today is to stop moping and to make health decisions. Stay away from defeating thoughts; most of your health issues are solvable and not too serious.

If you feel that there's something really threatening your physical integrity, ask an expert and avoid undergoing therapy without their support. For minor issues, good habits and a little common sense will be enough to keep evolving.

If you're decisive when it comes to health, you'll realise that problems will slowly fade away. Be very careful with hygiene and enjoy your good shape.