Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Has reality exceeded your expectations and now you feel overwhelmed? Face this time of emotional abundance with a cold, insightful mind: use this situation in your favour acting as a protective barrier. Soften your emotions and boost analytical intelligence.

Any excess will cause you to lose everything, but if you manage your feelings wisely, you can go far in your love ambitions and aspirations.

It's a good day for single Sagittariuses. You're in for a period with lots of attraction, which you need to use moderately and elegantly. Distinction and good manners will boost your virtues. Rudeness and arrogance are like a house of cards threatening to make you fall from the highest tower.


Your day will go by with the need to go further than you can, resulting in a feeling of frustration. Focus your energy into a specific, achievable goal: when you reach it you'll pile up on positive energy and a winner's mentality, your self-esteem will go up, and you'll try to progress further.

This stepping-stone strategy is much more achievable than senseless ambitions and the delusions of grandeur you impose on yourselves. Use your wits and intelligence to improve at work. Trust your possibilities and overflow your capabilities with constant work, not dreams.

Today you can become leaders. Inspiring individuals for many people around you, who admire the way you work and sort problems out. You just have to believe it and shine bright.


Try to spend as much time as you can away from electronic devices. A tech detox will be perfect to give more importance to other areas in your life.

Aside from helping you to lower your anxiety and rest better at the end of the day, it will connect you to things, people and activities you'd forgotten about, which will make you feel mighty fine.

Personal satisfaction isn't just in social networks, Sagittariuses, because they submit you to a fast-paced lifestyle, full of shallowness and emptiness. Try to start getting out of this phone addiction, and dwell on human relationships and getting to know yourselves.