Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for October 4

Daily Prediction for Thursday
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Today there'll be clear, sharp signs of the contradiction that's threatening to ruin your emotional life.

On the one hand, you feel happier than ever, as if you were walking on sunshine, as if there were a magical force lifting you up over everyone and everything, as if nothing could break that great feeling of bliss that sweeps everything along. There's tremendous vitality.

On the other hand, however, there's this feeling of endless despair that sinks you down as if the world were about to end. And this comes from the fact that, for whatever reason, you can't live your love freely. Maybe it's time to be selfish, think about no one else but you, and give up on the restraints of social taboo.


You're focusing on saving money the wrong way, and this is leading you to feel very frustrated, aside from other additional issues. What's most obvious is, you waste money on unnecessary things, but at the same time you save up and avoid spending on essential areas, like healthcare.

You need to focus, Sagittariuses, and learn how to set priorities right in life.

If you set a series of basic needs and give them a basic budget, you'll take off the part of your money that you don't have at hand to spend on unnecessary things. It's all about organising yourselves better and apply common sense into the situation, Sagittariuses. Nothing else but that.


More issues are coming from the state of nervousness you're in, and now you've got back problems. Therefore, the main task you have ahead is to attack the root of your pain: nerves and stress. As long as you can start taking anxiety levels down, your body will start to get its strength back.

Just for now, it wouldn't be too bad an idea to undergo some relaxing therapy in order to soothe muscle numbing. Some mild physical exercise could be the perfect partner for these therapies.

Besides, getting in the hands of a masseuse will help you find professional treatment for your muscle pains and discomfort. Bath salts or even planning a spa day this weekend might help you improve the state of your body.