Sagittarius Daily Prediction for 5 October

Friday's Sagittarius Forecast
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Today, Sagittariuses, you'll start your day on a great mood, showing off the natural positivity in you, and that'll help you today to face any challenge with a boost of energy. If you were born under the centaur's sign, you need to keep that trend going all day long.

Today will be a good day to start a process of inner renovation, and in your social life, it might help you make peace with someone close. You've been waiting for this for quite a while, and now you need to be brave enough to face it.

Try to find a calm moment in which serenity guides you into taking that very important step. Conversation and calmness will be key to solve the issues that have kept you away from one another, but you've already taken the most important step yet: putting your pride aside.


Your situation at work today will turn upside down thanks to the help of your colleagues, some good news from the outside, and a series of fortunate events that make you more confident.

What's most important now is that after a very intense week that started taking some negative hues about it, and made you sink into a destructive spiral of dissatisfaction and pessimism, your mood seems to be starting to change.

It's quite an interesting time to bring out your creative side, because it helps you stay active and motivated. Try to do your best and work in a team with your colleagues, because that gives you better results than working alone.


If you're about to do some exercise, you need to be very careful, because according to the stars' predictions, you might have an accident, fall victim to an incident that harms your joints, sprains a limb or, in the worst case scenario, breaks a part of your body.

Your body's slightly weaker than usual, so you should measure how intense your exercise gets, and pay more attention to the moves you make, while avoiding to do risky activities or sudden moves.

You should also be careful at work if you do manual labour. Remember how important it is to take cautionary measures and to respect safety rules.