Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Sagittariuses, you've got lots of love to give today, so be active in your social relationships and start believing that you're a tornado of energy that could bring lots of positivity to those around you.

A hug, a glance, a smile, a handshake, a kiss... Anything you can give to others will be of great help. But watch out: if you only give and don't get anything back, you'll soon be running on empty!

Today you need to store up more energy by unleashing your passion in love. The stars will come together to give you a day full of love and passion, to make your love life more intense, and... why not, maybe give lust free reign.


The stars say there's abundance for Sagittariuses today, and that means you'll have a productive, fruitful day. You'll seriously increase your profits if you operate intelligently and if you can take whatever chance you get from the planets.

But that's as true as the fact that it can also be an empty day if, along with these profits, you can't fill your day up with passion, friendship and love. It's a paradox, but in a day with so many financial gains, you won't be happy just with material goods.

Attention to all Sagittariuses who had planned to go away these days: be cautious and preventive! Something might go wrong and make you seriously upset.


Today, Sagittariuses, you'll have a more than acceptable health that will help you face a special day. Your challenge is to keep your mood and optimism up and to reject all foul vibrations that want to shatter away our energy field.

Your home could limit your drive and your willingness to get active today, so try to make plans away from enclosed spaces. Fresh air will be a great ally on such an intense, special day.

Think big and find a brand new day in nature, a day you'll never forget because it leaves very special memories in your heart.