Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Today is the day that could change your mood. You needed a weekend like this to get back to feeling good, Sagittariuses, and to rekindle with the things you like to do and the people you enjoy hanging out with.

But that shouldn't hide a problem you've been dragging along for a while: your emotional ups and downs make you feel frustrated and stop you from finding your true personality.

Your priority today is to turn those good feelings into a tool to find stability once and for all. If you manage to find your true selves and connect to your environment, it could be a good first step into finding firmness and stability.


Regarding money, things are going from bad to worse, so you need to make priorities and limit your expenses, boost your savings and get on a trend towards stability. In this upcoming week, you'll have to limit your excess spending, and you could get started today.

Change up your routine when going shopping and prioritise what's really important. Bringing reason into your economy and keeping stability up will soon have its rewards.

But what will really help these days is to think less about money and enjoy more about other things in life. If you stop getting so worried about finances, things will flow better, and everything will gradually be sorted out before you know it.


You urgently need to find a pace, a routine, a schedule. Especially more so when it comes to sleep and resting, because it's been kind of off the rails lately and you don't sleep as much as you should at night, but then you fall asleep anywhere during the day.

And that, of course, is affecting both your mood and your body, leading you to feeling weak and eventually sick.

On the second week of October, the stars will protect you and give you stability and energy, but you need to do some work and to try to have a more scheduled life, with a fixed routine.