Sagittarius Horoscope for 8 October

Your Forecast for Monday
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This will be one of your calmest Mondays up to date, Sagittariuses. You need to take this chance to set some ideas straight and make some choices for which you need to have a calm environment.

Changing some areas in your life could be your best bet right now.

But be careful, don't start changing things like crazy... There's some areas in your life which just need some stability rather than change. Thinking about all that will be very productive today.

For Sagittariuses who are in love but out of luck, you have to change your mentality right now. Loving yourselves better and trusting your possibilities could give you the extra kick of luck you're missing. The rest will come by itself before you know it.


You're in for quite a soothing Monday of work, with some fun moments that will make the tension of the past few days come down.

Attention, Sagittariuses: it wouldn't be too bad an idea to take a step forward regarding some issues in your job. Your managers are expecting you to take more responsibilities and duties at some point.

Of course, they love your work, and your highly efficient performance has given you a comfy spot. But if you can't get more decisive and show some leadership skills, you won't make any progress.

Today's a grey Monday for centaurs' finances: stability seems to want to stay, but there's a downward trend. Watch your spending.


Sagittariuses who are going through rehab will get an extra boost of energy you can use to make the process more intense and speed it up.

Especially if it's a muscle or bone issue we're talking about, the process will speed up quite a lot, and soon you'll get to see yourselves fully recovered. But you need to stay mentally strong, optimistic, and get a winner's mindset.

However, the stars warn that today your mood will be quite low a lot of times today, and so these issues could get complicated. Your body could break down too and have new issues kick in. Thus, there's no other choice for you but to raise your mood to try and be okay.