Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Today the stars predict you'll have more of an ability to socialise, and that you'll be quite skilled at social relationships. But especially, you need to readjust your current bond to your friends. Your best friends are getting distant, and things are just going to get worse if you don't change them.

If you look at this situation with some perspective and a cool head, your friends are an important pillar that holds your life up, and they're worth the effort coming closer after some time being away from everyone.

Besides, today your day will be a bit negative and make you see everything under a dark, pessimistic light. Reject that negativity radically and fight those feelings trying to stay optimistic and with a light mood.


If you wake up early today, you'll do your job with a boost of extra energy. Your mood will be a key factor today to carry out your duties with drive and energy. And that will bring about some good results.

Your managers might give you some tasks that will make you feel overwhelmed at some point, but if you can stay calm and focused, you'll know how to get them done in time.

However, today's a day for financial struggles, because your finances are going through a serious rut, and today things could get worse. You could be requested to pay off a great sum of money, and you need to assess whether you do owe that money or not, and whether you should pay up.

Stay calm and collected and study what choices you have to bring your finances back to balance and leave this stressing situation as soon as possible. You need intelligence and calmness.


At a few points of your day, you might feel seriously overwhelmed, and that's starting to feel like a routine lately. That's new for you, because your personality isn't naturally nervous.

That's why it shouldn't be too hard to lower down your tension and go back to that state of harmony and peace that's usually around you. In order to do that, you need to find open spaces and do some physical activity, even if it's low-intensity.

Hanging around enclosed spaces will make you feel really overwhelmed and you'll feel the need to stay outside and feel free. You need to fulfill this inner goal and make your activities more dynamic to reactivate your body.