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You've been neglecting your skills as a friend for a few days, because your life revolves almost exclusively around your career and relationship issues or your children's upbringing. And of course, with all those responsibilities going on, you can barely make time for your friends.

Today's the day to change the course of this situation and move on to reconnecting with your most special friends.

Besides, today your ruling planet is in the perfect position to send you vibrations to boost your reasoning and your intellectual side. Today you'll feel you're especially witty when thinking about your problems; you have a much more impartial attitude, and that makes you the perfect companion.

Your friends could bring trouble and confess about issues you'll know how to solve perfectly.


It's best to leave physical tasks for tomorrow, Sagittariuses. If you have to work today, take it easy and use your wits to get your tasks done. Have you ever heard what they say about brains over brawn? You should follow that: it's best to solve your issues with wits instead of force.

And that's just because today your physical skills are sort of hindered, and you'll feel clumsy when trying to carry out whatever tasks you have to do. Focus on your mental processes and keep your wits alert and activated.

On the other hand, if you're Sagittariuses about to make great purchases today, you need to set a few minutes apart to set your priorities straight in order to control your expenses.


If you get invited out for dinner today, you need to be aware, dear Sagittariuses, that in your case pleasure and excess shouldn't go hand in hand today. You should rather keep in mind that whatever excess you do will hinder your wellness, especially when it comes to food.

Make sure you eat in moderation, because even if you enjoy like the best of them when eating, you'll have discomfort, sleeping issues and stomach pains in the long run.

Tomorrow can be quite a hard day, with a mixture of a hangover and digestive problems that will keep you stuck in bed with a foul mood all day long. Why not enjoy an unforgettable evening tonight and be able to think of it fondly tomorrow?