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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 12th September

Prediction for Wednesday
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Social relationships and the connection with people around you will become muddy and leave you clueless. It'll be as if you had suddenly lost the ability to rule over your own emotions and handle them properly when you're around other people. Some attitudes from others will also leave you puzzled.

Today is definitely not a good day for you to start relationships every other way, Sagittariuses. It's a day to stay alone and be thoughtful, to keep the friends you already have and strengthen your bond to them. And if you feel uncapable of spending long meet-ups with others, just go away and retire to loneliness.

It'll also be a hard day for your romance, so it's advisable that you don't make important choices and to be understanding about what your partner wants. Don't go looking for a fight.


Your day at work will go by in a slow, boring way, so it's quite likely that your willingness to work will tumble down a little bit. Laziness comes kicking in as the environment in the office becomes annoying and unbearable. This is a day to hold on, look at your watch and wait for time to go by.

Instead, this is a great day to exploit your artsy side and out-of-work skills. Your creativity can transport you to other worlds, parallel realities that clear your mind and manage to connect you with your real personality.

Although it might not be a successful day professionally speaking, try to keep your self-esteem and self-confidence high. Be more appreciative of your chances and channel them into your favourite activities. That way you'll come to feel fulfilled.


The time has come to gain some weight back, Sagittariuses. If you feel apathetic and something's making you upset or you can't bear the weather we're having, you're more likely to lose your appetite and skip a meal or two. But you need to get down to some work and remember how important it is to eat healthy and in balance.

You're losing weight and that's making you weak. For instance, it affects your immune system directly and leaves your body at the mercy of external bacteria. Besides, weight loss stops you from seizing the day energetically.

You need to take your diet more seriously and eat even if you aren't really hungry.