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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for 14th September

Daily Prediction for Friday
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Today, some attitudes from outsiders will make you defend the principles and values that make you rational, polite and evolved human beings. If you betray those values and let others' tyranny bend you down, you'll lose the core of your essence.

In this day and age, when everything is ruled by money and financial interest, it's admirable to see people like you, firmly stuck to their belief in universal values that can't ever be betrayed. Those values are more worthy than any financial interest.

Today, that'll allow you to feel comfortable in your own skin, to keep your mood high and your strength in an upward trend, because it's part of who you are and you can't change it. Your values and principles are your shelter. Defend them.


It's time to put a brave face on at work to solve whatever issues you deem unfair. Holding yourselves up the way you've done so far is admirable, but in this cruel world, only those who fight for their rights move on.

It's not about becoming a rebel syndicate agent overnight; you should just expose formally but firmly whatever complaint is due, and you should show you're tired of complaining without anyone ever making a change.

Defend what's yours and your rights, and nothing more. If you can't get it sorted out through conversation, perhaps you might want to start considering some sort of legal action to tip the scales on your favour. Don't let people stomp over you.


To recover soon if you're following rehab or just out of a surgical process, you need to follow the doctor's orders from head to toe, but also to stay cheerful and optimistic.

In order to do that you need to keep a relaxed mind and lead a calm life, away from jumpscares. Find harmony and balance, away from your usual environments, if you were to need that.

It's quite a productive day for Sagittariuses on a detox process as well, because the stars are sending you their energy to stay mentally strong when overcoming your addictions.