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The price you're paying for your pride is too high, Sagittariuses. It just doesn't make it up, which is making you feel frustrated. The problem is you won't be able to back down by the time you want to realise what's going on.

It's best if you just get back some of your humility and take the first step to solve this issue through the most appropriate method: talking. This way you'll be able to take on a reconcilement path that'll make you feel better and get excited again.

It's worth it to show some humilityand turn that pride down a notch, right?


There's many 'treats' that are breaking your bank lately which you can perfectly live without. You know that, but you refuse to give up on the lifestyle you got long ago, so they just keep coming dangerously.

So far you might have wanted to cheat through it, because when your finances are good, any excess seems minor. But now that your numbers are at a standstill and they're not growing any further, those unnecessary expenses can become a real headache.

What's most important for you right now is to try and appreciate the things you really need, and to be convinced that what you don't need will only bring trouble and a lack of satisfaction in the end. Change your mindset to get a more efficient financial plan.


Worrying about the symptoms of an illness without any previous diagnosis and, what's even worse, without having been to the doctor, is quite a bad choice, Sagittariuses. Give up that defeated, pessimistic mentality, because it doesn't fit your personality anyway.

Your health status is more than satisfying, but if at some point you feel like something's wrong, you should just go to the doctor and get your doubts solved. Looking up an alarming diagnosis on the Internet from symptoms not even you can define is pretty stupid.

Right now it's crucial that your mentality takes up all the positive energy and optimism it can get, and you should try to boost the traits of a healthy life as much as you can to make your health status stronger than it currently is.