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Full Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for Tuesday, 18th September

Your Forecast for Tuesday
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You need to trust yourselves more, Sagittariuses; the new relationship you've just started looks fine, but aside from that, the stars and planets predict it'll last a long time. That's because you've been strengthening your inner world for a while and you're giving it your best.

A good self-esteem will help you show your best qualities unreservedly, to talk confidently, move elegantly, and dare to do things that make you look really good. All of that helps, and you're also being patient and acting cautiously.

Now comes another phase of your budding relationship, where you have to prove you're confident, now more than ever. You have to take a step further to make this relationship steady and, if you're absolutely confident you found the one, don't be afraid to go for the plunge.


All the strength you can get from a day filled with good luck in love can be taken away by money, because today will be quite a dark, cloudy day for Sagittariuses. You can't expect everything to be perfect, so be smart and don't let these issues darken your day.

Don't force things in finances. If you see today's not your day, slow down and do it the best you can while not being too demanding on yourselves. If you feel it isn't your lucky day, avoid risky investments and limit your business operations.


Your day will go by like a roller coaster of emotions, and with all the attention placed on love, which makes you feel like a teenager with a belly full of butterflies.

The excitement of your new relationship and the love you feel for that person clashes with your issues at work and how nervous you get because of certain personal issues.

It isn't easy to balance all these emotions, but it's important to stop for a minute and analyse your situation, get some distance, have perspective, and repeat to yourselves that we all have a breaking point. If you know how far you can go and don't demand too much from yourselves, stress will start coming down.

It's all in your head, Sagittariuses; be smarter and use reason more often.