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Sagittarius Daily Prediction for 20 September

Thursday's Sagittarius Forecast
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People as optimistic and vital as you can also have bad days every once in a while, and in your case, the stars point out that this sad mood can come out in the form of more victimhood. It's as if you needed to find shelter in it to avoid facing problems.

That's why you'll use everything people tell you as a weapon, as an excuse to reinforce your melancholy and blame others, without realising that that attitude just gradually brings you down into a depressive, negative spiral.

You should start boosting your self-esteem as soon as you can, and telling yourselves that the only way to face your problems is by answering the call and standing strong. Hiding behind certain emotional shields can end up being more than counterproductive.


A more than stressful day at work because of different unsolved issues that can make you feel anxious. It's most advisable to focus your mind on whatever task you're assigned, and to avoid nervousness from affecting your performance.

Otherwise, your day could get worse at work, with arguments, bad results, big mistakes, being told off and even a scare or two. Don't complicate things so much. Focus your efforts on one single place and forget about the rest.

Still, you should have a heavy breakfast and drink lots of coffee, because you've got a rocky day ahead, and in your current situation, it's quite preferable to start offering the best version of yourselves. If you raise your head, recharge your batteries and start working hard, you'll be unstoppable.


When it comes to health, Sagittariuses, you will feel a great blockage when trying to do your best in physical activities. Still, this isn't about your physical skills, but instead about the impact that stress and worries have on your body.

It's not a matter of forcing yourselves today, Sagittariuses. We all have the right to have more active days and more passive ones, and you can take the chance to relax and rest.

Still, don't give in to passivity by feeding it with your nerves. That'll be real bad.



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