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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for September 24

Daily Prediction for Monday
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You're entering a poisonous stage in your relationship that could lead to a crisis. The most important thing is for you to make an effort to give up the paranoia you're in, for your own sake and that of your partner's. Things need to go down the path of reason.

Whatever doubt you might have about their loyalty and faithfulness is fake and it actually makes your ongoing insecurities even worse. In order to find the path to stability you shouldn't change the other person. You have to change yourselves.


Today will be quite a complicated day at work for Sagittariuses. The adaptation process from the weekend to Sunday will be traumatic, and just as if that weren't enough, your managers are ready to rumble and to assign you the worst tasks.

You need to consider it's usually hard for you to submit to these sorts of environments and situations, which makes you apathetic, unmotivated and maybe even slightly rebellious. That's why you need to assume that you have to be cautious.

To stay calm, just focus on whatever task you're assigned and don't talk back, and try to get it done as efficiently as possible. If you try to work with discipline and efficacy, your day will just fly by and you'll be able to say: "Tomorrow's another day!"


Your despair for how slow your recovery is progressing, or what's worse, not finding a solution to your health issues, are making you consider alternative therapies and make-believe healers who could actually make things worse.

Alternative therapies are absolutely not out of this world, but right now you should just consider it a complement (not a replacement) to your medical treatment. Also, you should always carry them out through the hands of an appropriately trained expert.

What might be useful and do you good is to practice some sort of relaxation technique. In your current situation, yoga seems to be your best choice. Through breathing techniques you'll be able to relax your body and find balance in your spirit and mind.


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