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Sagittarius Forecast for September 27

Prediction for Thursday
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It's a magical day for you, Sagittariuses, because you may welcome someone special into your life. You shouldn't sit around and wait passively; you have to go get them, show yourselves as vital and energetic individuals, show your best selves, get activated and boost your social life.

Why not come out and enjoy the night the way you did before? It's not about going on a hunt, you can just open yourselves up to meeting new people and dare to flirt trusting all your possibilities.

Sometimes, the craziest situations lead to the strongest relationships, because you're at an especially good moment for your mood and this gives you confidence to start something serious and promising.


If you're not looking, it's quite hard to imagine that luck will come get you, no matter how much the stars set you on the course of a good day for luck. That means your sign is on the orbit of money and profits, and that luck will be on your side when you need it.

But in no way does it encourage you to sit around at home waiting for luck to knock on your door, let alone to let your luck be gone into gambling and lotteries. Focus all your efforts into work and perceive luck as an alternative or a complement.

But if you need to get risky with something related to money, today's your chance. In that sense you need to build up all your courage and drive, and to jump into what you didn't dare do.


Your gums' health deserves urgent check-up. These days you may have noticed your bleeding's increased, and that means things are getting worse. Taken to the extreme, if you don't treat it on time and neglect it, there can be serious trouble: you could even lose a tooth.

Brush your teeth often with a special toothpaste sold at the chemist's, and when there's less bleeding, talk to your dentist and ask him for a professional cleanse to get rid of accumulated plaque from your teeth's roots.


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