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Sagittarius Horoscope for 28 September

Your Forecast for Friday
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Today, too much drive could make you act recklessly. What can be an evolution in your private life will end up turning into an attempt to change anything radically. That's a big mistake, Sagittariuses, because there's many areas of your life that could remain intact.

You have to be smart enough and stay calm enough so as to separate what can be changed and what can't, and thus take a leap forward in quality, not in destruction.

Today you'll get a good chance to boost the basis of your relationship through sincerity and honesty. Your partner's living a situation similar to yours, and that opens a very interesting period to improve your communication.


Today you'll be asked to assume responsibilities at work for mistakes you didn't make, but even though these accusations are unfair, you should remain calm and collected. Since you're right, you need to be relaxed and expose your arguments staying calm and firm.

You should also avoid external noises, rumours, external signals and other distractions from making you distracted, and you should perform your duties as efficiently as possible. The next few days can get pretty busy, so the sooner you get rid of those tasks the better.

You need to settle your mindset into being energetic and dynamic during the whole day, and optimism should be put into your working routine, because a pessimistic attitude could derive into a terrible Friday.


At a time when you're having good shape, it's obvious that some things will escape your thoughts, but this Friday you should pay attention to certain symptoms that could turn into some sort of illness. For instance, be very careful with your head.

If your headaches get too sharp, go see your doctor to rule out serious illnesses.

Besides, today you'll feel terribly lazy, so your day will be a constant challenge to overcome laziness and transform it into dynamics and positive energy.

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