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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for September 29

Daily Prediction for Saturday
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



This Saturday, Sagittariuses, you will feel like you're closing off a cycle of introspection to make room for a more open period where emotions will come out more naturally. These days, the key is to take what you've learned so far, when you've been able to get to know your inner world a bit better.

Empowering the natural positivity within your soul, and putting into practice what you've managed to develop through much effort, will make all this time worth the while. You'll become more generous, understanding and nice.

As far as love is concerned, Sagittariuses, you'll have a bit of bad luck this weekend, but that doesn't mean you should quit your usual optimism and your willingness to overcome adversity.


Sagittariuses, your finances are slowly but surely going steady, but sometimes you might get the wrong feeling: you want to spend money at a quicker pace than that of your financial growth. And that's taking you to a very dangerous situation.

Today you need to focus your financial efforts into stability. Only buy what you need and be responsible with your spending. Maybe October will give you a more hopeful scope, but these last days of September, you need to save up more.

For unemployed Sagittariuses, there might be a period starting when things are going to move around more, and that's good for you. Show your active side.


Today you should stay away from any infection-riddled environment, because your immune system is running low. Avoid sharing spaces with sick people, and remember the protective effects of certain foods, like lemon.

This now finishing month has been quite positive for the health of Sagittariuses, but October is the start of a cycle that centaurs have to face with the utmost safety. For that to happen, you need to change certain habits and to start caring for your body. You need to stay strong.

Besides, today's a day when you'll have lots of free time, and you can use it to organise your routines and find time to relax and improve your mood.

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