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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for This Coming Monday, September 3rd

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It's obvious that it's harder for you to keep your mouth shut lately, and your blabbing is about to unleash a tremendous problem. An inappropriate comment could make room for a misunderstanding which you'll have to explain today.

You can prevent this unfortunate situation from happening by controlling what you say out loud in public, and trying to measure your words, especially when making references to other people.

Sooner or later, if you make that mistake, you'll have to explain yourselves.

On the other hand, the stars advise that you should be as generous and selfless as you can today, which will be quite an interesting form of therapy to lower down the level of arrogance that's reaping so many enemies for you.


Today you'll receive quite the tempting offer from your company's managing board. We all wait for this to happen, but when it does our legs shake and suddenly we find ourselves standing at a crossroads in front of epic decisions. Anguish and fear, however, won't be good at all.

Relax and broaden your horizons. You should especially repeat to yourselves that you're doing things really well and you deserve it. Otherwise, why would you be getting this chance?

Also, trust your talent and possibilities. You need to accept those new incoming responsibilities. The stars predict there's quite an interesting period coming around for your career progress.


Good news for Sagittariuses who are going through rehab, especially in the trauma section. If you broke a leg, or an arm, or you've got a wound in your skin, even if you've received a transplant lately, you're in luck, because your cell regeneration speed is pacing up.

It'll also be a good day for Sagittariuses in hospital stays, because they'll start to recover faster and soon enough they'll be able to leave the hospital.

Both for the first and the second group, all that's left to say is that mental strength is your best companion. Staying strong and optimistic is better than any medication.