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Sagittarius Daily Prediction for September 30

Sunday's Sagittarius Forecast
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The situation with that person is coming at a standstill, and what's worse is, resentment is increasing on both ends of the relationship. If things don't change, this could be a trainwreck. Your smartest choice is to cut off all ties with that person and pretend they don't exist.

Right now you're not in a good position to start a peace-making process. You don't even have energy enough to start a revision and pride overcoming process, neither does that promise you'll get good results afterwards.

You should aim your newfound energy to new relationships, love and friendships that fill you with excitement and bring out the best in you. It's a time of all-around evolution and, yes, sometimes that means we have to leave past behind and look only towards the future.


A very curious proposal could reach your ears today from someone close. Someone is suggesting to have a seemingly profitable business with minimal risks. You better than anyone can assess how solid the project looks, but in this case, you need to be more careful than usual.

Things could turn out to be real trouble if you don't keep in mind all legal approaches. On the other hand, if you assess the situation and you can't see any important risks, it might be a good opportunity to add some extra income into your finances.

And that won't be bad at all for the upcoming month, which looks kind of troublesome as far as financial growth is concerned.


That mucus in your chest might end up bringing an infection to your respiratory tract, and that's dangerous. You should take care of your health, because lately you've gone through colds and flus that make your body weaker.

They also weaken your mood, and that, at the same time, weakens your immune system, and makes you fall ill. As you can see, it's like a dog chasing its tail; it's a dangerous negative circle you need to break as soon as possible by going back to being optimism, active, and having a good mood.

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