Magic Horoscope Reveals How This Coming Tuesday Is Going to Be for Sagittarius

Daily Prediction for Tuesday
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Today you'll have quite a peculiar day filled with happy tears and smiles coming from stress and nervousness. Feelings will be running around in a daze within you, turning everything upside down and threatening to make you blow up with unforeseeable consequences.

To bring some order and peace into this mishmash of feelings you need to do some introspection. Social life isn't something you should give time to today; it's a trap that could seriously harm you.

On the contrary, it could be a good idea to find someone trustworthy who serves as a pillar for support and helps you take your first steps into your path of revision and rearrangement of emotions. Your partner or a close friend will be of great help.


Money and work are areas where you'll handle yourselves clumsily and rushedly, far from the reasoning and coldness with which you should face certain challenges. That's why today you shouldn't make important choices or take the plunge into great adventures: when it comes to work, it's best if you stick to what you can predict today.

On the other hand, certain issues at work, unsatisfying results or some investments that are going down the wrong path could lead you into a state of extreme nervousness. Try to calm down and give things time...

It'll also be an anxious day when it comes to a certain amount of money which you're expecting and hasn't come along yet. Be patient.


The jumpscares awaiting you throughout the day, some of them with an important scare included, will test how healthy your heart really is, and it's important that you double your efforts to keep its nervous system under control.

Native Sagittariuses will feel muscle pain today, especially around the back and the upper legs. That's a definite sign that your workload is proving too heavy to handle.

Those Sagittariuses that do sport today need to be as cautious as possible, because there's serious chances of getting injured.