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Read Your Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Wednesday 5th September

Wednesday's Sagittarius Forecast
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Today you'll see explicit manifestations of your feelings going wild; or at least, you'll feel yourselves entering a confusing period that leads you to act exaggerate.

What's going on is, you mistake sexual pleasures for the realisation of love, and the fact that your partner manages to get you intimately satisfied leads you to idealising them and putting everything else on pedestals; however, you actually have little in common, and the sooner you admit it, the better.

On the other hand, the person that doesn't really understand how you work in bed has very positive traits that will make you feel loved, respected and protected in the long run. You're the ones with the last word on this, Sagittariuses, but you should start by really knowing how you feel.


This week is getting a little more complicated than you initially thought, and instead of being your usual strong, optimistic selves, appealing to your capacity for improvement to overcome adversity, you're just sinking deeper into a feeling of personal frustration.

The problem is that you want to do a lot and you want to do everything quickly and get it well done. You forget you're human and, just like everyone else, there's a limit. It'd be wiser to choose the tasks you can manage and do your job slowly but focusing all your energies and concentration into ti.

If you change strategies and the way you think during the week, you'll see yourselves meeting your expected results. Give up already all those nerves that do nothing but harm to you.


Sagittariuses with back problems will feel that the problem isn't only not getting better, it's actually getting even worse. The pain is just getting sharper by the minute and there's no way to soothe it.

It's a serious issue that's also affecting your daily life, the chores you have to do every day and the responsibilities that demand you to be physically and mentally strong. And this issue is also starting to wear you thin psychologically.

You should go see your doctor again and reinforce therapy to get it sorted out as soon as possible.