Horoscope for Those Born Under the Sagittarius Sign for Friday 7th September by Magic Horoscope

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Your day as native Sagittariuses will start on a very high note. It seems like your latest efforts to be more social are bringing an important energy boost to your spirit, and you feel more ready to start your day and take on the world.

Among other things, that means that your energy channels are more open than ever, so the transfer of positive vibrations is easier to progress, and contact with others is quite a positive flux of energy. Thus, you need to keep communicating with your friends. Hugs and physical contact are vital.

Still, be careful, because in the same way you exchange positive vibrations, you're also exposed to the entrance of negative ones. Close yourselves off from people who can't make you feel well and avoid pessimistic souls.


Dear Sagittariuses, in the last few days you've been paying attention elsewhere and you've neglected your finances a little bit. So, when you look at your numbers, you'll see they need to be set straight.

Pay attention and take all measures required to control your spending. So far, the situation isn't that serious, but if you stay on that track, things could get really complicated. Don't run unnecessary risks and set stability as your top priority.

On the other hand, unemployed Sagittariuses will get positive input today announcing an upcoming entrance into the business world. It might be a series of temporary, badly-paid jobs, but it's a first step on the path to recovery.


If you visit your doctor today, get your patience game on, Sagittariuses: medical premises are full to the brim, and your doctor's attention may not be appropriate enough or what you were expecting. Ask for a second opinion if you're not satisfied.

You should also remember that the fact that you feel better or worse doesn't depend on how many medications you take. Try to fight your hypochondria and stop self-medicating: you're putting your health on the line.

Going out for a walk when you're not at work could be a good form of exercise to improve your blood flow, feel more active and empower your good mood. That's health for you, Sagittariuses!