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Sagittarius Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Sunday 9th September by Magic Horoscope

Daily Prediction for Sunday
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Your process of personal evolution has turned you into more optimistic individuals with eyes on the future, but sometimes you need to take a look behind you and go over some lessons from your past which can be applied to your life today. That's what you need this Sunday.

You'll inevitably have to go over some areas of your past, regarding your romantic or family relationships, in order to improve them. Otherwise, you won't have a chance of moving on.

On the other hand, Sagittariuses will wake up to a blue mood today, so you need to do your best to overcome this situation.


The anxiety over your current financial issues is clouding your thoughts and it doesn't let you develop all your mental skills to find solutions and act rationally. You need to cool your mind, Sagittariuses, and try to find a way out from a situation which does have a solution (and you need to start being aware of this).

For instance, have you thought of asking a friend or acquaintance for help because they're experienced in these sorts of issues? Someone else's opinion would be very helpful to see things from another point of view.

Today will be an unproductive day for Sagittariuses, so there's no point in wasting your free time on unnecessary tasks. You'll have time to get handy some other day; today you need to rest and get a break.


Sagittariuses will wake up to an upset stomach today, so it's quite advisable for you to fast during the morning, and have some mint or chamomile tea to settle your digestive system. Try to eat light and in small portions from noon onwards.

That'll bring a feeling of physical weakness and some anger or depression into your mood. Be patient and act through any measure needed to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Don't forget to boost up your persistence when it comes to your dental health, because your teeth are threatening to bring some trouble on the short-medium run. That's your main health priority for the next few days.