Your prediction for love talks about new beginnings. They can be with a different partner, or maybe you will approach your current relationship differently.

If you’re in a relationship, you will probably get to new agreements that will let you live your love with more freedom and expansion. At the same time, you will enjoy a stronger bond.

If single, you may begin a love story today. This romance could last for long, it’s a person who completely matches your lifestyle.

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The Magic Horoscope predicts that fortune is by your side today. It’s the perfect time to take risks and invest in businesses that will bring you new profit.

Your self-confidence will help you finish your pending tasks. You will also be brave enough to suggest new ways to organize your work.

You will receive good news if you’re an entrepreneur. This news could be the payment of a pending debt, or maybe the acceptance of a beneficial agreement.


Your prediction for today is very favourable when it comes to health, but don’t neglect your weakest point, which is your nervous system. You know you’re prone to mood swings.

If you’re not careful enough with your nerves, anxiety could come back and this isn’t something you want to deal with again. Take advantage of this moment of inner change and find a solution to this conflict.

Sagittarius, don’t forget about your diet if your intention is losing some weight. Remember that it’s not just about aesthetics, it’s about health.