Your horoscope for today says that you want a change in love. Maybe you want to change the way you relate to others or even put an end to those relationships that don’t benefit you.

If you’re in a relationship, your objective today will be detecting these points where your relationship is failing. If you two can find a solution, everything will be alright.

If you’re single, you know that the Universe will provide as long as you know what you want. That’s why you will be focused on your beliefs in love.

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Sagittarius, today will be a very frugal day and not because you don’t have anything, but because you need to save some money that you want to invest in something later. Manage your money wisely and you will enjoy abundance.

You need to keep making efforts at work. Be the best you can in your job. Sagittarius, it’s very important that your superiors see your merits, but it’s also important for you.

If you’re self-employed, you will go for it today! You feel like it’s the time you start implementing those changes you had in mind and you won’t let anybody talk you out of it. Determination is good, but don’t be too impulsive.


The horoscope warns you regarding your health. You shouldn’t be careless with it so sleep plenty of hours and rest well. Don’t forget about your diet either; make it as healthy as you can. Change some things about it if necessary.

Regarding your emotional health, you will feel at peace today. However, this good news can make you eat more than usual and you can’t forget that excesses have their consequences!

Sagittarius, you need to take advantage of these energies that bring change into your life. You have the chance to transform everything you don’t need, especially those thoughts that harm your self-esteem.